This project is part of The Southeast European Research Area  project initiative:


Call year: 2007

Project title:
Interactive Visual Analysis of Bio-signals

Project description:
Project has two main goals. We would like to implement a public data base of the existing multi-channel ECG measurements, together with tools for visualization and internet access. In the next phase we would like to implement the first application on the MECG database, dealing with the optimal selection of minimal number of electrodes needed for the reproduction of a standard 12-leads ECG. The investigation methodology will be divided into two mainstreams. First, optimization methods will be used including genetic algorithms and multivariate statistics. Second, advanced interactive visualization methods will be used, which are able to support human ideas and hypothesis to find unknown data relations. All results will be verified on the reference 32-channel measurements performed on different patients and healthy volunteers in terms of comparison of measured and reproduced electrocardiograms.

Jozef Stefan Institute - Slovenia
VRVis Resarch Center - Austria
Ruder Boskovic Institute - Croatia

1.) Meeting RBI-VRVIS, Zagreb, 13. Jun 2008 IVAB fifth meeting
2.) Meeting RBI-IJS, Opatija, 29. May 2008 IVAB fourth meeting
3.) Kranjska Gora 6. - 8. Mar 2007 IVAB third meeting
4.) Zagreb 17. & 18. Dec 2007 IVAB second meeting
5.) Vienna, 15. & 16. Nov 2007 IVAB first meeting